If you run a business, team, or group looking for custom t-shirts in Omaha, you need a reliable print shop to customize your apparel. Two of the most classic methods of customizing t-shirts and other apparel are screen printing and custom embroidery. These techniques may not be as trendy as some of the newer ones such as direct to garment, but they have their definite advantages.

Apparel Screen Printing: This is the conventional method of T-shirt printing with many advantages.  Another name for this method is silkscreen printing. 

The process of screen printing is complex, but in very simple terms it goes like this: First, a stencil of the desired design is created on a mesh screen, nowadays made of nylon; but in the old days, the mesh was made of silk, hence, silkscreen printing. The holes in the stencil mesh where the design has negative space are closed up. Next the mesh is laid across the fabric. Then ink is rolled onto the mesh, creating the design on the shirt or garment below. Finally, the shirt passes through a dryer which sets the ink and makes it so it won’t wash out. It is cured at over 400 degrees in a conveyer dryer that looks a little bit like a pizza oven.

Apparel screen printing is an ideal method for printing high-quality T-shirts for your business or group. Screen printing inks are thick, so they give the garment a smooth, rich look and feel. Few modern methods such as direct to garment have been able to surpass the vivid, vibrant colors that screen printing produces.

Custom embroidery: Adding custom embroidered apparel to your business makes your brand look more sophisticated and established. 

Embroidery is simply decorating fabric with designs made by a thread and needle, though today embroidery is all automated. The end product has a rich look and texture, and it is excellent for creating professional-looking logos. The types of fabrics you can use custom embroidery for are also more varied: light jackets, golf shirts, sweatshirts, denim, cotton, and hats, to name a few

Custom apparel is a fantastic form of advertising in many ways. As gifts to customers you make them feel appreciated while you get great help in advertising. These shirts help to put your business in front of a large part of the population without spending on a big advertising campaign. Custom embroidered shirts are an excellent way of establishing your name and your brand. 

Custom apparel is a great idea to move your business forward using custom t-shirts and custom embroidery. Customized apparel will be a spokesperson for you wherever the wearer goes. 

Choosing the Right Shop

Whenever you seek these services, make sure you choose a reputable t-shirt printing shop that has the right experience and expertise to make your business goals achievable. 

Go for shops that do not charge set up fees for printing your orders and still can deliver the highest quality work in the minimum time window.