When starting a company, it is a great idea to get started with some custom apparel, but more specifically, t-shirts to represent your brand.

In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of using a custom printing business to print embroidery.  It is just as important for your company to use this same business to order custom t-shirts as well.  With this professional company, you will receive the highest quality product, price and service.

Why T-Shirts?

A t-shirt is a versatile and easy way to share your business name.   You can print nearly any design with custom t-shirt printing and can separate your business from others with your individual logo and design.

  • Price: Custom t-shirt printing can be a very affordable way to spread your business name.  Your professional custom printing business will help sort through the different printing techniques in order to give you the best price.  The simpler your design and color scheme, the more inexpensive your shirts will be. 
  • Extra Profit:  Custom t-shirts are a great way to provide your business a little extra profit.  If you purchase a t-shirt for $15 from a printing company, you could sell this to the consumer for $25.  With this, your customer will wear your brand, and you will profit from your t-shirt sale.  You will benefit in multiple ways from having apparel available!
  • Stand out in the Crowd: Working with your custom t-shirt printing business can help you create a one-of-a-kind item, to help you stand out from other businesses.  Your t-shirt printing business will help you find the best material, color scheme and design to help find a shirt your customers and employees will be excited to wear.
  • Comfort and Function: Using a t-shirt as your company uniform can provide your employees a comfortable alternative to represent your business.  You can choose to use these as everyday apparel for your employees, or for casual days at work.  Your employees will enjoy having a comfortable and functional piece of apparel to be able to represent your business.  Your employees will also be advertising your designs and apparel, as they sport your custom t-shirts to customers.
  • Production Time Frame: T-Shirts are typically the item that can print the quickest at custom printing companies.  As long as your design and apparel is finalized, companies can typically meet any deadline needed.
  • Options: You will be surprised how many options you have when printing custom t-shirts!  You can choose from 100% cotton material, a 50/50 Cotton/Polyester or a Tri-Blend fabric.  You want to make sure the company you select has all of these options, along with a variety of apparel and ink colors to choose from.  Make sure you hear about all options available before you make your selection!

With so many benefits from ordering custom t-shirts, make sure you choose the right t-shirt printing company to get started.  Reach out to Omaha Print Shop to talk to our t-shirt printing experts.  Our experienced team can make a difference in your business!