Polo shirts are considered to be the classiest casual wear. Thus, the main advantage of wearing polo shirts is they are eye-catching, comfortable and go well with everything. Therefore, embroidered polo shirts custom are a perfect blend of casual and business style, which results in comfort with a stylish appearance. Polo shirts seemed to be a fashion statement on their own. In addition, we find that the market for custom polo shirts has grown considerably over the years. They come in simple patterns, stripes, and even optional pockets that add unique style and detail. The shirt can be styled tucked in, untucked, buttoned, or unbuttoned, and each option creates a different outfit. Moreover, custom embroidered shirts help to advertise your brand and make your employees an advertising billboard for your business. Here are some steps to follow, and you will have your own custom designed company shirts:

Choose Your Shirt Type

Selecting the right shirt type is essential because this will be the shirt your employees will wear regularly. Therefore, there is a huge range of designs and materials to choose from, from business shirts, plain t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets, etc. However, the right shirt depends on the nature of your business and the work done by the employees. Thus, you should ensure that your employees can perform their daily tasks comfortably in your chosen shirt type. To do this, you can ask for samples from the cloth provider to check out the comfort of the shirts for your employees. 

Then, you can choose whether you want the setting to be informal or if it requires a button-up shirt. Likely, you can go for a more casual look if most employees don’t work outside the office. A polo shirt is considered safe to wear in most situations. However, when selecting the shirt color, always look for the colors in your logo. Avoid colors that clash with your logo. Yet, the lighter colors tend to stay cooler than the darker ones for company logo shirt printing.

Pick Out Embroidery or Screen Printing

It depends on your choice and the type of material you are using to decide whether screen printing or embroidery is the more appropriate choice. Thus, embroidery is the technique of customizing clothing and adding artwork (logos, designs, info) to a garment with needle and thread. Therefore, embroidered polo shirts custom are made by machines for long-lasting artwork.

However, printing is generally divided up into screen printing (building screen presses for printing using inks mixed to perfection), vinyl printing (digitally cutting pieces of pre-vinyl to minuscule perfection and applying it to the garment), and digital or transfer printing (where images are printed digitally and applied onto a garment).

Generally, embroidery looks more polished and professional and is appropriate for thicker materials like business shirts, polo shirts, and other types for company logo shirt printingIt depends on the choice of your employees; if they prefer the softness and comfort of a cotton t-shirt, then screen printing is the suitable choice. 

Select The Position of The Logo

The main question arises whether you want the logo on the right or left side. Therefore, you need to consider what type of look you want. For instance, if you are going with embroidered polo shirts custom, it is generally common to put your logo on the pocket. But either the right or left side of your chest will be fine. Moreover, if you are a gym person and are using a tech shirt, you may want to play with the positioning of your logo and add some fun quotes on the sleeves or on the back of the shirt. There are a number of different ways to design a company shirt, and it requires some creativity. Moreover, with advanced technology, we can design your shirt digitally in whatever design or print you want. 

Choose The Right Embroidery or Screen Printing Company

There are numerous things to consider when choosing an embroidered polo shirts custom or screen printing shop. The very first step is that you should ask if they do the work in-house or if they have to send it out to get the work done. Therefore, the advantage of having a shop that can do the work in-house is that if it doesn’t look right or isn’t working out right, they can stop and have you approve whether or not you would like to continue with the job. Secondly, you could look at the details of the finished product. Generally, a shop that does everything in-house has faster turnaround times because they have more control over production.

In the end 

With embroidered polo shirts custom service, you can embroider any design or logo onto polo shirts and sweatshirts. You can get the best quality service from Omaha Print Shop, which has top-quality custom embroidery services. We have never failed to satisfy any customer, which makes us a well-recognized name in the market.